Tiara Time! the RV Tiara of Indiana

*cue Simon & Garfunkel’s America. Feel free to hum along*

who says there’s no tiaras to be seen in Indiana?

Whilst on Spring Break these past two weeks, your Blog Hostess thought they’d be no posting, given the lack of Internet and resources at the house on Lake Muskego. As we drove along Route 80 though Indiana, this little treat appeared:

Not bad, huh? So if you’re a fan of royal headgear and your Winnebago needs repair and happen to be in the Elkhart, IN area…

How many of us can check all three of those boxes? As you might have guessed your Blog Hostess only has the first one.


We prefer the billboard to the business’ street sign.

And yes, we know what you’re thinking. Who the hell drives from Connecticut to Wisconsin for Spring Break? Well, we answered that question for you.

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Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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9 Responses to Tiara Time! the RV Tiara of Indiana

  1. Lady says:

    Haha! I always wonder what the businessmen or women are thinking when they give their companies misleading names. Haha!

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  2. racurac2 says:

    here in rural Tennessee I’ve seen a few tiaras too heheheh. It seems to be a popular name for little girls


  3. Angelyn says:

    Tiaras and winnebagos, as American as it gets.

    Reminds me of the famous corporate slogan of INC: “We make everything from a 30 megaton nuclear warhead to a smoother, creamier peanut butter.”

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  4. Map of Time says:

    I’m glad you weren’t through the southern part of Indiana because I would definitely have kicked myself for missing out at just waving at your RV as it passed by.

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