emerald and diamond kokoshnik tiara

circa 1900 kokoshnik tiara

this is yet another tiara SOS! Your Blog Hostess is certain she’s seen this emerald-and-diamond kokoshnik prior to the March 15 auction. If you’ve got the info, please cue us in!

Yet another tiara that came to the block on March 15 was this kokoshnik-style tiara. This gorgeous emerald-and-diamond diadem sported its original fitted case, Carrington & Co. embossed in the leather. It’s not a stretch to assume they were the guys who made it. It is a 20th Century tiara.close-up of the carrington tiara

The open work frame is made of silver and wide-set. It puts your Blog Hostess in mind of the lattice-work trellis she needs to buy to plant spring tomatoes. Suspended in the trellis are not tempting heirloom tomatoes, swinging freely en tremblant, but dangling circular-cut emeralds and diamonds. Even more delicious! No, that’s an understatement. This kind of bling inspires gluttony. Maybe avarice? We don’t recall the 7 Deadly Sins now…it’s Friday for God’s sake!  The frame is accented with circular-cut and rose-cut diamonds.

The circular-cut diamonds weighed in at 3 total carats, the rose-cuts tipped the scales near 1 carat. Sotheby’s calculated a 4-carat total weight for those verdant esmeraldas.

The circular-cut diamonds weighed in at approximately 3 carats, the rose-cut diamonds tipping the scales near 1 carat.  A 4-carat total weight for was approximated by Sotheby’s for the emeralds.

emerald and diamond Carrington tiara

emerald and diamond Carrington tiara

The gavel estimate was £4000 – £6000 ($5700 – $8500 USD) but in the grand tradition for overpaying for tiaras at auction, this tiara with no recorded provence sold for  £10,000 sterling or $14,259 if you’re on our side of the pond. These prices do include the buyers’ premium, an astronomical auction fee.

All we can do now is hope like a moron that it was bought for your green-eyed Blog Hostess!







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7 Responses to emerald and diamond kokoshnik tiara

  1. racurac2 says:

    If you see me dancing salsa with my new tiara don’t cry please heheheh. Can you imagine all the twinkling?

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  2. Angelyn says:

    I love the en tremblant effect, particularly.

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  3. racurac2 says:

    Nicole I read this article (it’s in spanish) and I thought of you! It’s about Eva Peron’s Tiara!!!! Hope you like it! http://www.vanitatis.elconfidencial.com/noticias/2016-04-11/el-misterio-de-la-tiara-de-eva-peron_1181462/

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