Carl XVI Gustaf’s Birthday, Postal Salute

How better to kick off the King of Sweden’s 7oth Birthday hullabaloo tomorrow than with a 30-year retrospective in stamps! It’s not our first episode of Fun with Stamps but gee is it fun. Especially because dear ol’ Carl Gustaf tends to eschew the humdrum lone-world-leader-in-profile look in exchange for an en-medias-res motif. Like this 1986 stamp below where the mountainous landscape almost distracts from the monarch who just turned 40.

carl gustav of sweden 40th birthday stamp

To be fair, your Blog Hostess is not sure which of the 40th birthday stamps we prefer: Birdwatching Carl G. or paterfamilias. Yeah, it’s just me and the fam, kicking it in gazebo 47. By the way, do you think it’s Victoria or little sister Madeleine who appears to be contemplating quantum physics?

swedish royal family stamp 1986

Besides a visual reminder of just how much the price of a stamp inflates in ten years, we also get to watch the kids grow up! Although I don’t think they did the Crown Princess too many favors in this next rendering for the King’s 50th Birthday.

1996 Swedish Royal Family Stamp


It’s not just the royal family, with whom the King is willing to share his stamp monumentalization. Yes, we know it’s not a word! This offering for the monarch’s 50th birthday also features the Albert II, King of Belgium. Nice day for a ride, hey Albie? 

1996 stamp King of Sweden with King of Belgium


Ten years ago, the Swedish Post Office attempted to go run-of-the-mill with Monarch in Profile style but instead we get a very Alfred Hitchcock Presents for the Swedish King’s 60th.

stamp for king of sweden's 60th birthday

Okay fine, we’re the only ones who think that’s uncanny? Fine, blame it on the fact your Blog Hostess is only on her third cup of coffee. But finally, we come to the Stamp of the Hour, so to speak. For the King of Sweden’s 70th Jubilee, one solo shot was issued along with this stamp, which they may as well call “Decision 1980, part II.*”

king of sweden 70th and heiresses.jpg

The reigning monarch and the next two in line for the throne, his eldest child and grandchild: Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle. Why is it that the most raven-haired royals magically produce these Children-of-the-Corn daughters? I’m talking to you Felipe VI and Ortiz…

*In 1980, it was decided in Sweden that the eldest child of the King would inherit the throne regardless of available male heir. Now Carl Phillip you can go half-empty or half-full with this one. Did you lose the throne or dodge a bullet? Sounds like a headache you don’t really need. He’s a new dad, looks easy-going, I’m sure C.P. is fine with it all.




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6 Responses to Carl XVI Gustaf’s Birthday, Postal Salute

  1. Angelyn says:

    “Children of the corn” got me. Good one!

    Why does Kungliga Jubileer sound like a futbol league?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can’t even type! Kungliga looked like something very different (dirty!) to me & with jubilee afterwards it just looks like something Bond does to Pussy Galore! (Head-in-the-gutter Fridays!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aubrey says:

    ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ – exactly! (used to watch the series when I was young – probably too young. Scared the devil out of me.)

    Liked by 1 person

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