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our favorite historic royal by far.

1938 “Marie Antoinette” Film on TV Tonight

the 1938 film “Marie Antoinette” airs tonight on TCM at 8pm EST.
#MarieAntoinette #GreatMovies #Royalty Continue reading

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Remembering Marie Antoinette

marie antoinette died today but her timeless commemoration ranges from kitsch to solemn mass. Continue reading

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panniers en papier 

   The entire dress is made up the script pages from Sofía Coppola’s Marie Antoinette film. A closer look at the bodice revealed it was an annotated director’s script. It was a display to promote an exhibition of Oscar-winning costumes we … Continue reading

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trivia #4 Marie Antoinette was near-sighted, needed braces

Your Toothless Blog Hostess Yeah, a week ago Monday, our three remaining wisdom teeth were wrested from my jaw and your Blog Hostess did not receive the memo on pain duration. Hint: it’s f–ing long for minor surgery the dolor … Continue reading

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the most-asked question on Tiaras & Trianon

“What card game are they playing in the garden party scene in “Marie Antoinette?” Yep. It’s not even worth a Top Five Countdown. This particular detail in Sofia Coppola’s 2006 cinematic synopsis of our favorite Queen’s life is by far … Continue reading

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trivia ‘toinette! Why the Comtesse de Polignac Got an Upgrade

The real reason why Marie Antoinette’s best friend was upgraded from countess to duchess. Continue reading

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Today in Marie Antoinette History: February 12

12 February 1736 Marie Antoinette’s parents, Maria Theresa and Francis I, tied the knot. Interestingly enough, the future Holy Roman Empress was originally engaged to Leopold Clement of Lorraine, Francis’ older brother. Leopold was due to visit court in 1723 … Continue reading

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