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all things to do with French Royalty: jewels, the monarchy, the Napoleanic Emire…ladurée macarons.

trivia ‘toinette! Why the Comtesse de Polignac Got an Upgrade

The real reason why Marie Antoinette’s best friend was upgraded from countess to duchess. Continue reading

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Dinner is Served [part one]

hey kids! your blog hostess and the dazzlingly brilliant history historianne, Titanic Buff, conceived of this little project awhile ago. We really think you’ll enjoy her acumen and style. You know we don’t half-ass it around here and they certainly … Continue reading

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Marie de France

We only endorse the very best in posts! Do enjoy this one on Marie de France, Eleanore of Aquitaine’s contemporary!

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tiara time: Marie Thérèse’s Ruby & Diamond Parure

29 May 1825: the coronation of Charles X (aka Compte d’Artois, Louis XVI’s youngest brother) proved to be the most memorable moment of his reign. It had been fifty years since the last coronation, that of Charles’ eldest brother, Louis … Continue reading

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tiara time: Marie Thérèse’s Emerald and Diamond Tiara

For the third time only since We started this chucklehead rag, royal hardware and Marie Antoinette intertwine. Today We truly are tiaras and trianon. *strange beam of pride* Again, the (fictional) Tiara Nomenclature Council disappoints, damn them! So it’s up … Continue reading

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tiara time! Marie Thérèse’s Diamond Tiara

After the Bourbon Restoration, especially once she was dauphine, Marie Thérèse required many a parure to suit her rank. Most of these jewels were lost, dismantled or sold, much like the 18th Century French Monarchy. (That simile was weak! Sorry.) … Continue reading

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Trivia Toinette #14: Marie Thérèse had 5 Different Titles in her Life.

And I mean changes in status, rank. I’m not talking about extra honorifics like Prince of Wales, Earl of Chester, Duke of Rothesay and Duke of Cornwall or that list the Duchess of Alba’s got going on. My tax-return is … Continue reading

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