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the Grandest of Duchies!

wedding tiara flashback: sister vs. sister!

Let’s do a who wore it best, in honor of–um, let’s call it “Inane Tuesdays.” So which of the two daughters of Luxembourg do you really think wore her wedding halo best with her mosquito netting?

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another nostalgic tiara for thursday

taken a few decades ago, Grand Duchess Maria Theresa in the Aquamarine Bandeau

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tiara time: the amethyst bandeau of luxembourg

As not to be confused with yesterday’s Luxembourger bandeau of amethysts and pearls, here is yet another bandeau from Luxembourg…will it ever end Luxembourg? How many bandeaux are you gonna pull out of that milk crate? Heck, I think you … Continue reading

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tiara time: the Amethyst-and-Pearl Bandeau

From merely looking at this tiara, you can tell when We mentally paired it with the Citrine and Pearl Bandeau. Heck, you can just look at the name to see the similarities. But there’s so much more! Both have a … Continue reading

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tiara time thursday: the Topaz and Pearl Bandeau of Luxembourg

tiaras on thursday? As you all know, We typically don’t do tiaras on Thursday (that’s somebody else’s gig) but we’ve had these two Luxembourger bandeaux on the brain ever since the Amethysts Ahoy wrap-up. There is a common misconception out … Continue reading

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Tiara Time Two-fer! the Aquamarine Bandeaux (part I)

Yes there are two Aquamarine Bandeaux: one from Luxembourg and one from Sweden. So don’t you dare confuse them! Yes, I admit that most of the time tiara names are not the most creative monikers but they could’ve at least … Continue reading

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Tiara Time: Family Heirlooms to the Big Event! Part I: the Lannoy!

Alright, still missing my dear Otto the kitty and worried sick, but here’s the post I started this morning, hopefully it gets finished. I’m not going to edit the intro, so let’s just pretend it’s seven in the morning when … Continue reading

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