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the house of bernadotte and that amazing array of tiaras *drool*

pre-wedding mania! Bernadotte Brides Just Rule!

a look back at the Bernadotte Brides of the past! #RoyalWedding2015 Continue reading

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tiara time: the Connaught tiara

Orginally a wedding gift from the Duke & Duchess of Connaught to their daughter Margaret, the Connaught Tiara is now part of the Bernadotte Foundation, Sweden’s State collection of crown jewels.

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[the best of] Tiara Time: the Napoleonic Amethyst Parure

amethysts ahoy week revisted Technically, Amethysts Ahoy! was only supposed to be a theme week, not a theme fortnight. Yes, We admit to a few daily lapses due to…let’s call them circumstances beyond our con–hangovers. They were hangovers. Yes, We … Continue reading

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the tiara time roster!

We here at Tiaras and Trianon are thrilled to announce a new reference page up top, right next to the ever-popular “Tiara Terminology” category. It’s a quick-reference glossary about every piece of jewelry We’ve covered to date. I know! It’s … Continue reading

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Royal Christenings: a Video Salute!

Well, the Royal Christening is almost upon us! [Unlike his birth, Georgie’s christening will take place right on time. No waiting for you, the hard-core, sidewalk-waiting fans. You deserve a break! A few sources have indicated that the Duke & … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Other Steel-Cut tiara

And we’re back! Your Blog Hostess should have mentioned Our holiday jaunt over three weeks ago, before We left. Alas, We did not forget about you, delightful friends! Moreover, welcome to Our new followers who enlisted during the hiatus. If … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Steel-Cut Tiara

Behold a tiara with no sparkly baubles at all! The Steel Cut Tiara is made of–this is a stretch–highly polished steel and set with golden embellishments in the shape of flowers, feathers, oak leaves and acorns. Feathers and acorns aren’t … Continue reading

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