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yes–there are a few!

the Crane Gilt-Metal Chaplet

a #tiara replicating a crown of laurels sold for £1250 at Sotheby’s London auction on March 15th. Continue reading

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the Lusitania Tiara of Lady Allan

  Today we feature our first Canadian tiara ever. Not to offend our neighbors to the North but that’s not even the mind-blowing part. It’s a tiara that could actually pique the interest of both you and dad/husband. What is … Continue reading

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tiara time: happy birthday audrey hepburn

Hey Kids! Today would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday and darned if it ain’t so, she wore tiaras in many a film! We’d be remiss not to salute Audrey and her costumers. [Usually Givenchy.] Breakfast at Tiffany’s Let’s start … Continue reading

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tiara time! the Crown of the Andes

“The crown should surpass all other crowns in the World, both of reigning monarchs and those of the past.” Nothing short of a sweeping epic, the Crown of the Andes spins a yarn whose highlights include: miracles, Viking-style pillaging, pre-Colombian … Continue reading

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