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tiara time! Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck’s Emerald Circlet

sold at sotheby’s in 2011, this incredibly rare #tiara once belonged to German #Princess Henckel von Donnersmarchk Continue reading

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tiara time! Farah’s Seven Emerald Tiara

As Emeralds in May winds to a close, but it wouldn’t be complete without a salute to Shabadu Farah, wife of the last Shah of Iran. In the parlance of our times, the Persian Empire has been stupid with priceless gems … Continue reading

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tiara time! the diamond diadem

The Diamond Diadem or sometimes the “George IV State Diadem” is made up of 1,333 round, oval and cushion-cut diamonds, set into what was then the “new transparent style” of setting made of silver layered with gold. This new innovation … Continue reading

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tiara time! the Lotus Flower Tiara

It was originally  part of Queen Mary’s collection in the 1920s. She took apart below wedding gift necklace in a Greek key pattern most likely made by William Davis of E. Wolff & Co. to re-patriate the diamonds and pearls … Continue reading

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a 100-Carat Diamond for Our Flawlessly Third Blogaversary!

What sweethearts, those guys at Sotheby’s! In honor of our 3rd anniversary as your Blog Hostess, those chuckleheads forwent an estimated $25 million gavel estimate to simply give us above ring to say ‘congratulations.’ Aw, thank you guys! The 100-carat, … Continue reading

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Letizia finally debuts “la Tiara Princesa” at Margrethe’s 75th Birthday Extraveganza

Yes, there were more tiaras than you can shake a stick at in Christiansborg Palace last night. Not to be outdone in their first official reunion with the heads of Europe’s monarchies as monarchs themselves, Felipe VI and his ex-newsdesk … Continue reading

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tiara time: the Habsburg Beam Tiara

We were shocked and ashamed upon learning there has never been a tiara from Liechtenstien featured on this blog. We’re also proud to anounce we’ve uncover a fairly simple remedy. Ta-da! Yes, it’s a Liechtenstein tiara and it’s called the … Continue reading

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