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tiara time! Farah’s Seven Emerald Tiara

As Emeralds in May winds to a close, but it wouldn’t be complete without a salute to Shabadu Farah, wife of the last Shah of Iran. In the parlance of our times, the Persian Empire has been stupid with priceless gems … Continue reading

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may is for emeralds!

So start thinking about which verdant vixen is your fave, ladies! joséphine’s emerald parure

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tiara time! the Crown of the Andes

“The crown should surpass all other crowns in the World, both of reigning monarchs and those of the past.” Nothing short of a sweeping epic, the Crown of the Andes spins a yarn whose highlights include: miracles, Viking-style pillaging, pre-Colombian … Continue reading

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tiara time: Marie Thérèse’s Emerald and Diamond Tiara

For the third time only since We started this chucklehead rag, royal hardware and Marie Antoinette intertwine. Today We truly are tiaras and trianon. *strange beam of pride* Again, the (fictional) Tiara Nomenclature Council disappoints, damn them! So it’s up … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara

To say the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara is one bad-ass diadem is truly an understatement. This conveniently convertible coronet was a gift from the dictator. A dictator with whom I lamentably share the same surname. Even worse: it’s my maiden … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Emerald Laurel Wreath Tiara

Good news, jewellery buffs! You’ve been waiting patiently since April 16th for a new Tiara Time and now We reward your patience! Today’s tiara, much like that last post about the “Other” Steel-Cut Tiara, doesn’t have much background info nor … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! Joséphine’s Emerald Parure

Josephine’s Emerald Parure is yet another gift tiara from Empress Joséphine to her eponymous granddaughter upon marrying Oscar I of Sweden and Norway. Unlike the the numerous others, this emerald aderezo does not reside in Queen Silvia’s collection in Stockholm. … Continue reading

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