tiara symbolism

Ever wonder why a jeweller decided to shape a diadem’s platinum framework to create festoons of forget-me-nots out of those aquamarines? That all harkens back to the ancient pagan times when every plant and stone was thought to possess a magical property, sacred to a particular deity. When druids and the faerie folk roamed the mortal world at whim…

These phenomena are referred to as Lapidary and [more obviously] the Language of the Flowers. Remember how James Bond would always send yellow roses to his ladies to apologize for his hit-it-and-quit-its? Guess you had to read the books. Be that as it may, centuries later, the gods and magic were stomped out by Christianity but, unlike the Classical tradition of the tiara, Lapidary and the language of the flowers soldiered on.


amethyst: [violet] devotion, growth, protection

the word come from the Greek “amethustos” meaning “not drunken”…odd considering it’s the birthstone for Pisces, the most notoriously vice-ridden of all the Zodiac. It was believed that placing an amethyst in one’s wine goblet would prevent intoxication. I wonder if that would hold up in a DUI checkpoint?

aquamarine the blessing of the angels; protection by the light of the angels. I’ve also heard courage.

citrine success & prosperity; associated with the Sun. Name comes from the French for “lemon.” In ancient times the citirine was believed to protect against snake venom & evil thoughts, which–frankly–are two speedbumps even us 21st Century types can do without.

diamond forever

emerald hope

garnet purity, truth, love, compassion

moonstone innocence

pearl: love; sacred to Venus

ruby: passion


spinel [technically a rare ruby. maybe means passion as well.]


turquoise: Remembrance and true love

language of flowers

acorn: – fertility, fecundity [associated with the oak]

beachwood leaves:

birch leaves:

carnation: – [pink] a woman’s love

daisy: innocence

forget-me-not: True Love

ivy: – sacred to Dionysus

laurel: – triumph over death

lily: – purity

mistletoe: a kiss [big mystery there]

oak: – invincibility and strength; sacred to Zeus

pansy: think of the giver [does that make it a synonym for the forget-me-not?]


rose: “every aspect of love”

thistle flower: the pleasure and pain of love


wheat: – fertility and wealth; sacred to Demeter

it's not just a love-affair with my own voice

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