crown jewel index

tiara time roster

Below We’ve amassed a list of every tiara, crown, necklace or brooch covered on “Tiara Time” or otherwise featured on Tiaras and Trianon. We weren’t sure how to organize it: alphabetical doesn’t seem helpful if you dear readers are trying to find a gem based on who was wearing it. So, we’ll do it by countries. I realize that not every tiara-toting country is represented yet…so stay tuned.

auction orphans [no provenance provided…yet]


tiaras of the americas



bohemia (czech rep.)


england [because scottish tiaras are separate!]

french monarchy & empire

germany & prussia (the Princely Houses)



 iran (sometimes we call it ‘persia’)







Alas, the greatest sparklers aren’t always embedded into royal gear. Check out some of the most famous precious gems in history. Click here to ogle some jaw-dropping rocks!

famous gemstones and collections

Diamonds (by color)

Orange diamonds

Pink diamonds

Blue Diamonds

  • Oppenheimer Blue

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  1. Carole Joncas says:

    I live your posts. I love your wit and absolutely appreciate your knowledge! Please keep it up lady!


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