tiara time! Victorian Tiara for Sale

victorian diamond tiara

We all know that digesting our Thanksgiving feasts will take a week at least. Good news for your intestines! A week from today, 30 November, Christie’s London will auction off gads of dazzling “important” jewellery. Your Blog Hostess can’t think of a better digestif than buying a tiara.

tiara experts help us procrastinate less

Granted, this blog post postpones a trip to the grocery store that will surely rival the Odyssey in terms of perilous excursions. But why waste time re-wording what the auction house authorities have already divulged?

Modelled as two opposing floral and foliate sprays each entirely set with vari-shaped old-cut diamonds, to the similarly-set fan shaped central panel, mounted in silver and gold, detaching to form two brooches, circa 1880 comprising earlier elements, 19.2cm, in fitted Garrard & Co. Ltd. case

diamond tiara spray close-upUnfortunately, Christie’s has gone single-photo on us…no photos of the tiara in its two-brooch form were divulged. Pikers! [We’ll just crop out our own.] The provance is labelled simply “property of a lady.” Again, way to dish on the details, Christie’s.

So many different cuts make up the tiara’s floral motif, it’s like the Whitmans Sampler of diamonds. Except there’s no risk of getting the one filled with cherry cough syrup…shudder. The Whitmans’ Sampler Tiara [think the name will catch on? We do.] boasts a total weight ranging between 28 and 32 carats.

diamond tiara detail

You know your Blog Hostess always saves the good news for last. [You should also know our default setting is ironic.] The Whitman’s Sampler Tiara is expected to gavel between £25,000 and £30,000 GBP…that’s $31,150 to $43,610 in New World sheckles. Naturally, this paltry price tag does not include buyers’ premium, shipping or handling. But in the immortal words of Ferris Bueller, “if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Hope your turkey isn’t dry, kids. Joyeux Action de Grâces!

tiara sale update: 

Today, what we have dubbed the Whitman’s Sampler Tiara sold for £32,500 sterling or $40,560 USD. Should you come across this divine halo on 1stDibs.com or elsewhere, don’t forget to price check here first!

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