Royal Baby Update: Prince Oscar of Sweden


21 gun salute for Princess Estelle's birth in 2012

To update what we so briefly gleaned yesterday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden gave birth to a prince, now third-in-line to the throne. This morning, while we Americans were deep in REM, the royal baby’s name was announced: Prince Oscar. In Stockholm, a te deum was held at noon [still sleeping here!] as well as the same 21-gun salute that hailed the birth of Princess Estelle in 2012.

Prince Daniel of Sweden holding his daughter, Princess Estelle

Prince Daniel holding Princess Estelle in 2012.

The first photo of the new Prince Oscar was also released while your Blog Hostess was snoozing. We are really coming off narcoleptic in this post…

the crown princely family of sweden

and Prince Oscar makes 4!

See, this is why your Blog Hostess loves the Swedish Royals most of all. There was no

Crown Princess Victoria 2016 Nobel Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden trés encinté and fabulous at the Nobel Prizes

personal hair and make-up artist snuck in through the back door a-la-Kate Middleton to make the new mom look perfect and promote her as a fashion icon. It’s just a nice candid shot of a family. A big sister meeting her baby brother for the first time. [Nostalgic flashback when they brought Brother Blog Hostess home when I was three.] Victoria looks fabulous without going that Duchess of Cambridge route. It just makes me wonder what Middleton looks like without hours of professional primping. Yeah, I said it. Come get me.

At last night’s press conference, Prince Daniel said a name had already been decided but it would not be public knowledge until a cabinet meeting to determine the spare heir’s title was held. This morning, both name and title were announced, Prince Oscar Karl Olof, Duke of Skåne.

Though your Blog Hostess wouldn’t know where to begin looking for Skåne on a map of Sweden, the new Princely Duke’s name struck us as incredibly appropriate. Olof is Prince Daniel’s real first name and Karl being his grandpa and current king’s first name. Oscar being the most appropriate recalling his great Bernadotte ancestors Oscar I and Oscar II, Kings of Sweden and Norway.

prince oscar of sweden's name sakes

(L to R) Oscar I, Oscar II, Carl XVI Gustav, Prince (Olaf) Daniel

And no, we have no clue about the bunny ears. Can somebody else explain that?

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Prince born to Victoria of Sweden

crown princess victoria

nothing warms the heart more than knowing crown princess Victoria understands the virtues of cake!

Well, at 20:28 Continental time, Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to a son at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. The new prince–name to be announced tomorrow–is now 3rd in line to the Swedish throne. Her husband, Prince Daniel briefly addressed the press minutes ago.

The new prince weighed in at 3600 grams and is 52 cm long. Stupid metric system…

Victoria and Daniel already have a daughter, Princess Estelle,  who was born in 2012. As the first born, Estelle is the heir, due to a law instituted in 1980.

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tiara time! our favorite tiaras (for the moment)

First off, your Blog Hostess would like to give a huge shout-out to the Tiara Tuesday crew at While they’re yarning it up, they talk tiaras and religiously wear them every Tuesday. Merci buckets for including this yammering gem-whore! 

Yeah, it’s your Blog Hostess’ birthday and indulge we shall. (Like that’s never happened here…) Strangely, we have never stopped to sit & ponder what our Top 10 Tiaras would be. If you’re a regular, you know we’ve got a soft spot for the Bernadotte collection so we shall try to avoid too much Sweden…

Click the titles to read about the halos we covet most:

bagration tiara

ooh. Spinels…

  1. the Bagration Parure: While many favorite tiaras may waver in rank from day to day, this is our undisputed number one, belonging to the now-dwindling Westminster collection, these grandiose spinels were acquired by the Duke in 1976.*we pant for spinels* That’s what my bumper sticker says. Though the Bagration Parure doesn’t boast the hair pins of the Leuchtenberg Sapphire kit, we’ll never stop wringing our hands like a Bond villain at the thought of making it MINE!Leuchtenberg Sapphire parure
  2. the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure:  duh. Blue is our favorite color, the tiara itself is a Great Wall of diamonds, and it sports every matching accessory one can fathom. It has hairpins people! hairpins! Not to mention it was a gift from Joséphine Bonaparte to her granddaughter so its got a buttload of history en tow.Countess Alexandra in Alexandrine Drop Tiara
  3. the Alexandrine Drop Tiara: originally Queen Alexandrine’s, it was a wedding gift to Alexandra, now Countess of Fredericksburg, when she wed Joachim of Denmark. The countess kept this en tremblant masterpiece after the divorce. Just look at it shimmy in the light. Oh you dirty girl!

    victoria in steel cut tiara 2010 

  4. Steel Cut Tiara It has the best backstory (Silvia found it, forgotten in a cupboard) and though it has not a single diamond yet look what it can do in the candlelight…

  5. la Ruse of Híjar literally meaning “the Híjar Kokoshnik.” This Art Deco masterpiece boasts two family scandals and a far-fetched tall tale, all instigated by the late doña Cayetana, XVIII Duchess of Alba. Of course, I am a bit biased. I have had the extreme privilege to examine la Rusa; it is a concerto of diamonds in a platinum mastery of space & setting. And I held it in my f*¢#ing hands! In photos it looks sort-of beauty pageant-esque but in person la Ruse is mind-blowing.

    Emerald Laurel Wreath Tiara

  6. the Emerald Laurel Wreath Tiara: A tiara that you know you could get away with wearing in real life, frequently. Cabochon emeralds and that classically-themed chaplet of laurels? Yes please. Turns into a necklace? Please and thank you! Its provenance is convoluted but it is now owned by Archduchess Francesca, married to the next in line Hapsburg pretender. (We’re sorry…totally spaced the archduke’s name.)delia de moreno y borbon wedding
  7. the Laula Ruby tiara: We cannot really explain why…just rest assured, we would never wear it like Delia did. (see atrocious hairdo above.) It’s an affront to tiaras everywhere! Please click the link to see the tiara at her best.
    duchess of alba in her ducal coronet
  8. the Fleury Ducal Coronet: we know, we know…two from that whack-a-doo Cayetana? It’s my favorite tiara of late because–really–can you pick just one? It’s a show-stopper with all those diamonds, emeralds & uncharacteristically flexible base.

    Noor-ol-Ain Tiara

    the Noor-ol-Ain (Eye of Light) Tiara with its sixty-carat pink diamond centerpiece

  9. Empress Farah’s Wedding Tiara: aka the Noor-ol-Ain tiara. Imagine Harry Winston having a field day in the Shah’s vast jewel collection. This tiara was one of several made for the Shah’s third wife. How can your Blog Hostess resist a sixty-carat pink diamond? It’s got bling appeal and enough history to fill a pillowcase then use said pillowcase in a prison riot.queen victoria eugena's aquamarine tiara la diadema de aquamarinas de la reina ena
  10. Ena of Battenberg’s Aquamarine Tiara In defiance to my husband’s native land, your Blog Hostess would not call the Spanish royal family’s bling arsenal one of her favorites. So many Ansorena tiaras–ick! Did you see the “new” Fleur de Lys tiara Felipe gave Leticia? Oh barf-o-rama! In fact, the original incarnation of Ena’s Aquamarines is totes Ansonera-esque and equally stomach-turning for us. Ena gave the tiara to her daughter Infanta Beatriz when she married Alessandro Torlonia, Prince of Civitella-Cesi. It was the Torlonias who had it reset. It was also the Torlonia family who refused to sell it back to King Juan Carlos who wanted to give the azure diadem to Queen Sofia for their anniversary.
  11. Princess-Anne-Pineflower-Tiarathe Pineflower Tiara: We had a feeling we’d get nailed to the wall should we fail to appoint a tiara in Queen Elizabeth’s tsunami of bling. Thankfully, we remembered this baby, often seen on Princess Anne. It always caught our eye. We are equally aware of our potential crucifixion should we fail to mention Kate Middleclass–er, the Duchess of Cambridge. Well, wouldn’t this one would look smashing on her, setting off her blue eyes. And did we mention it has pinecones as a motif? PINECONES! Way to rock my world!ocean spray tiara charlene
  12. the Océan Tiara Princess Charlene’s VanCleef & Arpels tiara is an absolute masterpiece and probably the best diadem to define this Pisces girl’s soul. Your Blog Hostess loves swirling spirals, anything azure and the sea. [We defy you to drag us from the water! It ain’t gonna happen!] Curling swells of sapphires and diamonds ebb and flow in one helluva setting. [Watch the video on how they made it!] Most modern tiaras pale in comparison to those of days gone by yet the Océan proves that tiara artists still exist and excel. Hell, my money would be on the Ocean Tiara to win in a fight against any of those dime-a-dozen fringes.

Well, you’ve all listened to us spew our opinions…agree or disagree? Which sparkler would you have included? Which one doesn’t belong at all? 

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kate and will have tea with my grandma

every Saturday at 3.  

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the most requested tiara ever

duquesa de alba en corona ducal duchess of alba in a ducal coronet

this photograph of the 18th Duchess of Alba predates the invention of the cotton gin.

Following the death of the Duchess of Alba almost a year ago, we received more requests for a post on the tiara Doña Cayetana sports above than any other bit of royal gear ever. Ever. It’s a Spanish Ducal coronet. Yeah! We haven’t talked coronets in ever!  

Embed from Getty Images


Although we have never ascertained in which age–stone, iron or bronze, these daguerreotypes of doña Cayetana were taken, we all conquer it bares an uncanny resemblance to the Spanish Wedding Gift tiara, that transformer of tiaras givemarquesa de medinaceli ducal crownn to Queen Fabiola by Generalísimo Franco and his wife. There’s a good reason for that. The wedding gift tiara was originally the cornet of the Duque de Medinacelli.  Check out the painting (right) of the Duchess of Medinaceli done in 1861. Yep, there’s the ducal tiara that would be Fabiola’s one day.

So it all adds up. Back to the headpiece in question, your Blog Hostess has also seen the Alba Ducal Coronet called the Alba Fleuron Tiara. To be fair, it’s not really a tiara, it’s the Spanish ducal coronet. So…nyyyaahhh. [The Trash Heap has spoken. Heh.] It’s entire frame is inlaid with diamonds, though you can’t tell from most of these. The fleurons and base are also thus encrusted for maximum brilliance. The fleurons are linked by festoons to alternating, shorter spires each topped with a pearl.

The first image we’ve found is of the current Duke’s great-grandmother, Maria del Rosario Falcó y Osorio, the 16th Duchess Consort of Alba.

16th duchess of alba

Maria Rosario Falcó y Osorio

It’s not our favorite look. We’re guessing the coronet has a flexible base, compare how Maria wore it–high & tight–to her  daughter-in-law, the 17th Duchess, also named Maria Rosario–how Oedipal!

maria del roasario de silva y guturbay

maria roasario de silva y guturbay 

Both Maria Rosarios held many titles in their own right that were eventually incorporated into the laundry list upon which the House of Alba is oft commented. Maria Rosario de Silva y Guturbay, as an only child, inherited 3 duchies, 5 counties, 3 marquessate, including Híjar and San Vicente de Barco, 7 of these titles with “Spanish Grandee-ship” attached. Her mother-in-law, Maria Rosario Falcó y Osorio was the 11th Countess of Siruela, a house that dates back to the 15th Century. Her mother-in-law, known quaintly as Paca de Alba, added another dukedom, 6 marquessates, 5 counties & viscounts. The 15th Duchess Consort was also Eugenie de Montijo’s older sister, which explains how the grand Alba Wedding Tiara ended up in the family. In three generations, the House of Alba managed to marry at least 30 titles into the flock. That’s rather impressive.

What does all that mean? That they have a f**kload of ducal coronets lying around. Or they indisputably have the authority to own just the one.

cayetana ducal coronet anos 50

But we digress. As far as we can count, the coronet appears to have 8 fleurons and has at least 2 sets of interchangeable stones. Either that or those emeralds photogenic traits vary from opaque to sometimes transparent like sea glass. Above is a 50s pic of Doña Cayetana, the 18th Duchess & persona that amuses us the most here.

duchess of Alba in her ducal coronet fleuron

The best image of the tiara by far is facilitated thanks to color photography. We think this is still before her first facelift which as far as we know was the first facelift ever.

teresa de sayn-wittgenstein-saynYeah, that thing is loaded with diamonds, huh? The tiara not her pre-op face. The Duchess pairs it smashingly with that green 1970s dress as photographed above at the Count of Quintanilla’s wedding to Teresa de Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn in 1973. It’s so fortunate she did not opt for that pea-green.

Which look do you like best? I like the low-&-across look of the 17th Duchess, doña Cayetana’s mom.

duchess alba fleuron tiara

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princess sofia wears her wedding tiara again

Princess Sofia and Prince Karl Philip

Is this only the second sighting of the Spearmint Tiara?

Nothing like an ol’ fashioned tiara-sighting…there’s newly-Princessed Sofia wearing the Spearmint Tiara given to her as a wedding gift by the Bernadottes. We like the moniker ‘Spearmint Tiara.’ What do you think?

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the Lusitania Tiara of Lady Allan


1909 Cartier Meander Tiara done in the Greek key style

all photo credits: Sotheby’s

Today we feature our first Canadian tiara ever. Not to offend our neighbors to the North but that’s not even the mind-blowing part. It’s a tiara that could actually pique the interest of both you and dad/husband. What is it about dads & their love for books about war? Especially any war preceded by the word “great” or ending in a Roman numeral? No, neither Winston Churchill nor Dwight D. Eisenhower ever wore it, but who wouldn’t pay to see five-star Ike sporting this while debriefing the president? Heh. Where’s Mel Brooks when you need him?

Above sparkling halo and her owner, Montreal socialite Lady Marguerite Allan, were both on the Lusitania when it was torpedoed by a U-boat in 1915.

lady marguerite allan in her Cartier meander Tiara

Lady Allan (above) was married to Hugh Allan, a banker and ship enthusiast. Most crucially, Sir Hugh commissioned this lovely bandeau tiara in 1909. A Cartier masterfully executed in an open-work Greek key design, that tiara motif we never see too far away from the verb meander: a reference to its flowing, winding style.

Lady Allen's Greek Key Tiara

The tiara’s band, made of platinum and gold, is millegrain-set with 30 total-carats of near flawless circular-cut diamonds, bordered top and bottom with seed pearls. The centerpiece is a detachable, cushion-shaped diamond weighing in at 3.3 carats. Cut in the old miners’ fashion, the diamond is as near-flawless as her little sisters that frame her.

close-up of 3 carat center stone

When appraised for auction, Sotheby’s described the seed pearls as “well-matched in color, with good skin and luster.” Well don’t they know how to flatter with fancy words like good? The auction house also speculated that the tiara frame was made later, but your Blog Hostess thinks they mean that cushy base. The large diamond was rated in the envious F-G color, while the millegrain diamonds averaged G-I in color. But that’s just for the detail-oriented of us readers.

The tiara survived [obviously, duh] the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 along with Lady Allen and her two maids, Emily Davis and Annie Walker, one of whom had bundled the tiara on her person. Upon her rescue, the maid returned the tiara to Lady Allan. Unfortunately, her ladyship’s two daughters, Anna and Gwendolyn drowned when the group of women became separated. Lady Allan was severely hurt when a lifeboat fell on her. The unfortunate Marguerite outlived all of her children as she lost her son in the Great War.

the Lady Allan Meander tiara

Lady Allen’s Greek Key Meander Tiara

The tiara has been called a remarkable example of wartime Canadian art. It was auctioned at Sotheby’s in October of 2015 for just over a million dollars.


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