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tiara time! the Crown of the Andes

“The crown should surpass all other crowns in the World, both of reigning monarchs and those of the past.” Nothing short of a sweeping epic, the Crown of the Andes spins a yarn whose highlights include: miracles, Viking-style pillaging, pre-Colombian … Continue reading

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Orange Diamond Sets Two World Records with Only One Bang of the Gavel

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! If you tend to fret without your blue blanket and detest the romantic advances of your neighbor Sally, then we’re not on the same page. We’re alluding to something that is not currently rotting … Continue reading

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Happy New Year in Review.

…and we’re back! That was a lengthy hiatus that even for your Blog Hostess. Christmas in Monroe, NY is–at best–a silent, white expanse. At worst it’s–shudder. Holiday break takes more out of me than the daily grind. We’re back in … Continue reading

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M@ & the Fricking House on E. 70th

I’m not entirely sure how many inches of snow have fallen on Monroe, NY since the heavens began sifting down more than six hours ago. My husband, brother and I had planned to meet our obligatory one-day-a-year-in-Manhattan prerequisite until the … Continue reading

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