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tiara time! art déco bandeau tiara

an exquisitely-crafted Art Déco #diamond bandeau #tiara by #Cartier soon to be auctioned off. Continue reading

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tiara time! the Manchester Tiara

The Manchester Tiara was commissioned by Consuelo, Dowager Duchess of Manchester in 1903 and crafted by Cartier, primarily using diamonds which Consuelo had supplied. Cartier’s records note that the Dowager Duchess supplied over a thousand brilliant-cut diamonds and more than … Continue reading

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tiara time! the Cartier Portland Tiara

Well, kids, here’s a good reason why you shouldn’t smoke California medicinal while doing tiara research. You’ll think yourself a font of wisdom, that you yourself have discovered there are two Poltimore tiaras! This unfortunately is not the case, as … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! Ena’s Aquamarine Tiara

“It’s true, jewels are not dead things and for them to live they should change owners every now and then.” ~  Queen Victoria Eugenia “Ena” of Spain Your Blog Hostess has had an odd fascination with today’s tiara for odd reasons. … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Cartier Pearl Drop Tiara of Monaco

Yes, you read that right, not just a tiara worn by a Grimaldi like last time, this one belongs to the royal family of Monaco. It’s not officially called the Pearl Drop tiara, but you can see from where the … Continue reading

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Attack of the Brooches! Day Four gets Floral

Day 4 (the week starts on Monday in Our world, having wed a Spaniard and all.) We continue to sojourn on through our first-ever theme week, Attack of the Brooches in the unlikely case you missed the scrawling, magenta title. … Continue reading

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