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Attack of the Brooches! Brazilian Aquamarine Brooch (and Bracelet and Tiaras)

Day Five features the most modern stones in Queen Elizabeth IIs collection. Like many an innocent lapel pin before it, this oblong aquamarine garnished with the almost obligatory diamonds is not a solo piece. Like the Cambridge/Delhi Durbar Emeralds, there’s an … Continue reading

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Attack of the Brooches! Day Four gets Floral

Day 4 (the week starts on Monday in Our world, having wed a Spaniard and all.) We continue to sojourn on through our first-ever theme week, Attack of the Brooches in the unlikely case you missed the scrawling, magenta title. … Continue reading

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intermezzo: the glory and the simplicity

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Noon bears down with summer’s fury, here, on day two of Attack of the Brooches! week. Smells like…mothballs. morale: ironic, silly sleep level: deprived, not sure why Sure, yesterday I thought that blogging about a brooch would be a breezy … Continue reading

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Attack of the Brooches! the Cullinan V Heart

In honor of my inglorious return from the East (aka visiting my parents in New York) let’s have a theme week and–yes–name it Attack of Brooches! The inspiration? Old issues of People magazine my mom hasn’t recycled yet. (Mom only bought … Continue reading

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