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tiara time! the Coronation Crown of Spain

The crown used in the Spanish Coronation this past June was the most underwhelming event of which your Blog Hostess could conceive. Forget every annointment, oath, chorus and benediction associated with the coronation of a British monarch. Spain’s coronation didn’t … Continue reading

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tiara time! the Crown of the Andes

“The crown should surpass all other crowns in the World, both of reigning monarchs and those of the past.” Nothing short of a sweeping epic, the Crown of the Andes spins a yarn whose highlights include: miracles, Viking-style pillaging, pre-Colombian … Continue reading

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the tiara time roster!

We here at Tiaras and Trianon are thrilled to announce a new reference page up top, right next to the ever-popular “Tiara Terminology” category. It’s a quick-reference glossary about every piece of jewelry We’ve covered to date. I know! It’s … Continue reading

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tiara time! the Mother and Daughter Crowns

Given our tiara talk, not to mention this upcoming Sunday’s Diamond Jubilee, many are speculating of which gem-glimmering halos her majesty and peers will wear. With what Elizabeth II will dazzle her onlookers—be they dining with her or watching on … Continue reading

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