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tiara time! Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck’s Emerald Circlet

sold at sotheby’s in 2011, this incredibly rare #tiara once belonged to German #Princess Henckel von Donnersmarchk Continue reading

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tiara time! Queen Victoria’s Diamond and Emerald Tiara

It’s Tiara Time on a Tuesday, how do you like that? Today’s Tiara Time Tiara Tuesday tiara goes by the street name “Queen Victoria’s Diamond and Emerald tiara” but we think Queen Victoria’s Emerald Tiara is sufficient. Those green gems dominate … Continue reading

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tiara time! Farah’s Seven Emerald Tiara

As Emeralds in May winds to a close, but it wouldn’t be complete without a salute to Shabadu Farah, wife of the last Shah of Iran. In the parlance of our times, the Persian Empire has been stupid with priceless gems … Continue reading

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may is for emeralds!

So start thinking about which verdant vixen is your fave, ladies! joséphine’s emerald parure

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tiara time! the Crown of the Andes

“The crown should surpass all other crowns in the World, both of reigning monarchs and those of the past.” Nothing short of a sweeping epic, the Crown of the Andes spins a yarn whose highlights include: miracles, Viking-style pillaging, pre-Colombian … Continue reading

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tiara time: Marie Thérèse’s Emerald and Diamond Tiara

For the third time only since We started this chucklehead rag, royal hardware and Marie Antoinette intertwine. Today We truly are tiaras and trianon. *strange beam of pride* Again, the (fictional) Tiara Nomenclature Council disappoints, damn them! So it’s up … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Emerald Laurel Wreath Tiara

Good news, jewellery buffs! You’ve been waiting patiently since April 16th for a new Tiara Time and now We reward your patience! Today’s tiara, much like that last post about the “Other” Steel-Cut Tiara, doesn’t have much background info nor … Continue reading

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