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tiara time! the Coronation Crown of Spain

The crown used in the Spanish Coronation this past June was the most underwhelming event of which your Blog Hostess could conceive. Forget every annointment, oath, chorus and benediction associated with the coronation of a British monarch. Spain’s coronation didn’t … Continue reading

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the Sport of Kings

  Finally! We have a valid reason to talk about fútbol/soccer on this blog. Remember some of the square pegs we’ve had here before? Click here and there to enjoy the round-hole mayhem. We don’t labor under the delusion that … Continue reading

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The Khedive of Egypt Tiara: a Tale of Three Generations of Royal Brides (Tiara Time!)

Aficionados of spirals and scalloping rejoice! Rejoice extra if you love diamonds…so that’s pretty much all of us. Note to self: bumper sticker reading “Honk if you Love Tiaras.” Hell, honk if you love weddings, wedding dresses and love stories. … Continue reading

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Your Blog Hostess, the slacker

I know…I had one of those “off weeks” and next thing I know, I missed the royal shakedown in Amsterdam! Well, we won’t cry over spilled Salmon-Billecarte, I’m sure everyone else in the universe wrote about it. So let’s get … Continue reading

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the Royal Singles Cruise

All this year-in-review stuff really got me thinking about posts of Christmas past. (No Jacob Marley did not come and haunt me…) Here’s one of my favs: Watch on, dear friends. It’s the Agamemnon, the 1954 cruise which brought together … Continue reading

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The First Blade

Originally posted on Versailles Gossip:
  Another remarkable artifact to see at the Museum of Crime is the blade of the first guillotine. This blade is from La Place de Greve — that is  where the executions would traditionally take…

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Tiara Time: Tiaras in Motion Tend to Bling More (videos!)

I’m not entirely sure what I was doing on youtube this morning but I did come across this delicious video gems. So let you mind relax and your eyes feast on the cornucopia of tiaras this footage has to offer. … Continue reading

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