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vote for the best amethyst tiara

Happy Tiaras-giving If we know anything it’s this: a long holiday weekend means your Blog Hostess won’t be around. Let’s face it, even on a good week I’m not exactly a Swiss watch. just because I’m not around doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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trivia ‘toinette #15: nobody ever drank anything from m@’s breasts

In case you’ve never been to this website before–welcome!–and let’s get you up to speed. Every time We discuss the 2006 Marie Antoinette film, the post is replete with champagne… and champagne glasses. More specifically, those of the birdbath variety: … Continue reading

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tiara time! the nine provinces tiara (or belgian empire tiara)

Back to Belgium we go for today’s edition of Tiara Time. This wedding tiara goes by two names; the geographically-informative Nine Provinces tiara or mildly-anachronistic Belgian Empire tiara. We like the Belgian Empire tiara, personally. It has a more poetic … Continue reading

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high drama at the pink diamond auction

Just as we predicted, the Pink Star became the most-paid-for diamond in the history of auction. $83 million USD. (Poor “the Orange,” only the day before broke the record for most money spent per carat as well as most for … Continue reading

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Throw Your Own Marie Antoinette Birthday!

your blog hostess’ brains turn to oatmeal Who wants to take a fun jaunt 11 days back in time with Your Blog Hostess. (Got the digital readout in the Doc’s DeLorean set correctly? Good.) ta-freaking-dah! And here we are! *Ahem, … Continue reading

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the new Pouf?

It’s a modern day pouf that We’re sure Marie Antoinette would approve of! A half-billion in a fabulous up-do? Where do I sign up? I neeeed this. This photograph originally appeared on the Citizens of Fashion

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trianon couture: la lévite

By 1782, more than one third of Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe consisted of our next featured frock, the lévite. Even further relaxed than its predecessor the robe à la polonaise, the lévite illustrates the ‘decomposition’ of the court fashions from the … Continue reading

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