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trivia ‘toinette #15: nobody ever drank anything from m@’s breasts

In case you’ve never been to this website before–welcome!–and let’s get you up to speed. Every time We discuss the 2006 Marie Antoinette film, the post is replete with champagne… and champagne glasses. More specifically, those of the birdbath variety: … Continue reading

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tiara time: Marie Thérèse’s Ruby & Diamond Parure

29 May 1825: the coronation of Charles X (aka Compte d’Artois, Louis XVI’s youngest brother) proved to be the most memorable moment of his reign. It had been fifty years since the last coronation, that of Charles’ eldest brother, Louis … Continue reading

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trianon couture: la lévite

By 1782, more than one third of Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe consisted of our next featured frock, the lévite. Even further relaxed than its predecessor the robe à la polonaise, the lévite illustrates the ‘decomposition’ of the court fashions from the … Continue reading

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from the strange right-click archives

from Our own personal archives is a curious collection of illustrations conjuring cultures exotic to the French pupil. perhaps? Fun to look at either way.

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Trivia ‘Toinette #12: “the Clincher”

Well, the REAL trivia here is the fact that King Louis XV would not consent to a royal marriage between his grandson, Louis Auguste, and Empress Maria Teresa’s youngest daughter, Maria Antonia, until her looks were brought up to French … Continue reading

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the white dauphine?

according to rumor, this famous picture of m@ isn’t of the last dauphine at all…it’s actually a likeness of Madame Elizabeth, Louis XVIs younger sister, princess of France. now if I can only remember where I read this information so … Continue reading

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Trivia ‘Toinette # 10: Antoinette and her sister Charlotte were “dead ringers”

Actually, Marie Antoinette and Maria Carolina are still confused for one another in various paintings. Frankly, taking a look at these two, can you blame anyone? No, it doesn’t help that the sisters appear to be wearing the same dress. … Continue reading

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