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Trivia ‘Toinette # 10: Antoinette and her sister Charlotte were “dead ringers”

Actually, Marie Antoinette and Maria Carolina are still confused for one another in various paintings. Frankly, taking a look at these two, can you blame anyone? No, it doesn’t help that the sisters appear to be wearing the same dress. … Continue reading

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Trivia ‘Toinette # 8: Empress Maria Teresa Hated Downtime

Okay, back to basics, what we were founded on…Marie Antoinette Trivia. Just in case you don’t know, Maria Teresa was Empress of Austria and Queen of Bohemia and Hungary and Marie Antoinette’s iron-fisted mother. The formidable woman gave birth to … Continue reading

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trivia #3 Marie Antoinette was the 15th of 16 children.

Even by Eighteenth Century standards, Marie Antoinette came from a large family. Her mother, the formidable Empress Maria Teresa, gave birth to sixteen children, six of whom never lived past the age of sixteen. According to strict Roman Catholic tradition … Continue reading

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