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remembering the dowager duchess of devonshire

this is the full 2010 Fricke interview with the late Dowager Duchess of Devonshire. Worth the watch! Continue reading

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King Juan Carlos to Abdicate

Well, it’s official. The monarch who shot a caged elephant will step down and el Principe de Asturias will become King Felipe VI although your Blog Hostess cannot find an official date for the handover. above: Juan Carlos’ coronation in … Continue reading

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Orange Diamond Sets Two World Records with Only One Bang of the Gavel

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! If you tend to fret without your blue blanket and detest the romantic advances of your neighbor Sally, then we’re not on the same page. We’re alluding to something that is not currently rotting … Continue reading

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Cambridge Baby Suffers Media Overexposure While Still in Utero

Well, it would be redundant to say the incoming Cambridge Baby is receiving a boatload of press, chat via social media and really pointless news coverage. The major US networks are setting up camp by the hospital as we speak. … Continue reading

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