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Auld Lang Tiaras

Your Blog Hostess has agonized over the first post of the New Year. Feels like it should have the gravitas of a commemorative plate. Tiaras & Trianon: a limited edition from the Franklin Mint. Ha! Thus it is only fitting … Continue reading

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friday frivolty: royals on stamps

blast from the past with a few stamps featuring Europe’s best-loved royals Continue reading

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Darya-i-Noor Pink Diamond

The 182-carat Darya-ye-Noor (sometimes Daria-i-Noor) is a supreme example of a tabular-cut pink diamond. Originally excavated in the Kollur Mine in Andhea Pradesh, India. Its name translates to Sea of Light. It is believed to have been cut from the … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Other Steel-Cut tiara

And we’re back! Your Blog Hostess should have mentioned Our holiday jaunt over three weeks ago, before We left. Alas, We did not forget about you, delightful friends! Moreover, welcome to Our new followers who enlisted during the hiatus. If … Continue reading

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