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the most requested tiara ever

we tackle the most requested tiara ever on this website: the ducal coronet of Spain Continue reading

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Palacio Riofrío: his majesty’s sausage factory

Yet another fact omnipotent Wikipedia missed in the ‘Palacio Riofrío’ entry. Carlos IV of Spain was an accomplished sausage-maker.  The King of Spain was prolific with his charcuterie output in this Royal residence near Segovia at the foot of la Sierra Madrileña. … Continue reading

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Letizia finally debuts “la Tiara Princesa” at Margrethe’s 75th Birthday Extraveganza

Yes, there were more tiaras than you can shake a stick at in Christiansborg Palace last night. Not to be outdone in their first official reunion with the heads of Europe’s monarchies as monarchs themselves, Felipe VI and his ex-newsdesk … Continue reading

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tiara time! La Ruse of Híjar: the Alba Saidian Art Deco Tiara

Happy Saturday Coronet Crew! We know this is far out of character, your Blog Hostess not lounging like a19th Century aristocrat on a weekend, but this post took days longer than We thought. At first, this second tiara once belonging to … Continue reading

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tiara time: the Alba Wedding Tiara

Today we take a break from Danish Tiara November in honor of the Duchess of Alba who passed away early Thursday morning at the age of 88. The stalwart of Spanish aristocrats, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart holds 46 other recognized titles on … Continue reading

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tiara time! the Coronation Crown of Spain

The crown used in the Spanish Coronation this past June was the most underwhelming event of which your Blog Hostess could conceive. Forget every annointment, oath, chorus and benediction associated with the coronation of a British monarch. Spain’s coronation didn’t … Continue reading

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Wales Gets a New Prince

From now on, Gareth Bale is the Prince of Wales. In case you didn’t know, your Blog Hostess just adores sports and time We pounce on any  possible a link between professional sports and royals. (aka a square peg in … Continue reading

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