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cinq ans

your blog hostess celebrates 5 years of “Tiaras and Trianon.” Continue reading

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tiara time: the Diamond Foam Aigrette

While I was busy procrastinating the rest of this post, Princess Gabrielle, Countess of Carlades and Hereditary Prince Jacques, Marquis des Baux were born, two minutes apart from one another. Nice work, distraction-free writing. Fat load of good you are. … Continue reading

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A very Tudor Halloween: the French Hood

The crescent-shaped French hood, made popular in the cultural zeitgeist again thanks to the popularity of the Tudors in film and on TV is an easy Halloween hairpiece. Continue reading

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the tiara time roster!

We here at Tiaras and Trianon are thrilled to announce a new reference page up top, right next to the ever-popular “Tiara Terminology” category. It’s a quick-reference glossary about every piece of jewelry We’ve covered to date. I know! It’s … Continue reading

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tiara time, part II: the Portland Tiara

Well, We can’t write about one Portland tiara without addressing the other. That would be irresponsible! It seemed odd to call today’s gemstone halo the “Sapphire Portland Tiara” because We rarely see it written that way. So we’re going with … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Hesse Aquamarine Tiara

Actually part of a parure, today’s Tiara Time treat is more famous for its history than its public appearances. In fact, We don’t even know to whom the Hesse Aquamarine Parure belongs anymore. Not unlike the Sasquatch, there was an … Continue reading

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Tiara Time! the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara

To say the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara is one bad-ass diadem is truly an understatement. This conveniently convertible coronet was a gift from the dictator. A dictator with whom I lamentably share the same surname. Even worse: it’s my maiden … Continue reading

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