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Khedive Abbas II of Egypt

Abbas II of Egypt, the gifter of the beloved Khedive of Egypt Tiara. photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

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another nostalgic tiara for thursday

taken a few decades ago, Grand Duchess Maria Theresa in the Aquamarine Bandeau

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More of the Rosenborg Kokoshnik! (aka Ruby Kokoshnik)

Countess Ruth in the Rosenborg (aka Ruby) Kokoshnik.

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Still from “Marie Antoinette” [2006]

Another photo still from a deleted clip in Coppola’s 2006 Marie Antoinette

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tiara time! Marie Thérèse’s Diamond Tiara

After the Bourbon Restoration, especially once she was dauphine, Marie Thérèse required many a parure to suit her rank. Most of these jewels were lost, dismantled or sold, much like the 18th Century French Monarchy. (That simile was weak! Sorry.) … Continue reading

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the new Pouf?

It’s a modern day pouf that We’re sure Marie Antoinette would approve of! A half-billion in a fabulous up-do? Where do I sign up? I neeeed this. This photograph originally appeared on the Citizens of Fashion

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Young Marie Antoinette in Riding Dress

This painting was Maria Teresa’s favorite likeness of her youngest daughter. According to lore, the Empress hung it in her study in Vienna. Given what we know about Maria Teresa’s workaholic proclivities, she must have looked at it often. Maria … Continue reading

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